5 Easy & Simple Methods to Fix Pokemon Go Soft Ban

Pokemon Go Soft Ban

Don’t worry about Pokemon Go Soft Ban, Here you can find 5 Easy and Simple Method to Fix Pokemon Go Soft Ban without any delay.

Nowadays most of the iOS users are playing the Pokemon GO games on their iOS device but they are worrying about Pokemon GO bans especially Pokemon Go Soft Ban and permanent bans. Here you can know you banned or not on Pokemon GO? You can also find that ban is a Soft Ban or permanent ban. Every Pokemon GO lover is finding the solution to that ban.

Luckily here you can get the complete information about this Soft Ban in a detailed way for solving ban. Actually, this Pokemon Go Soft Ban will temporarily prevent you from Pokemon GO Game players interaction. Now every Pokemon GO Game player is noticing that they are temporarily getting soft ban with their detailed GPS action.

Because of the player’s exaggeration about their GPS location, they are getting soft-banned by themselves. Actually, this Pokemon Go Soft Ban is temporarily action, in case if you are not able to communicate with the game elements. If you get soft banned and Pokestops spin works nothing and they will stay in blue.

Once you aim a Pokeball at a Pokemon and it will hit, but the Pokemon will not react to this action. The condition of this Pokemon Go Soft Ban is just like a “speed lock”. System in Ingress which can set up for everyone traveling with more than 37 mph speed between events. In case the distance between the two actions is faster than pre-described “speed lock”, then that second action may fail.

Temporary bans of Pokemon Go Soft Ban while traveling on the airplane:

Most of the iOS users who are Playing Pokemon GO games they may get banned at the airport after landed. This type of ban will stop you from using of pokestops to catch Pokemon and it lasted about an hour.

In case the temporary malfunction of this type of banned problem with server connection problem just looks like a Pokemon Go Soft Ban. For an example, you keep even if you keep your phone aside for too long alone, you will get disconnect temporarily from the connection as well as server and don’t register for another next spin.

The good news for every such banned player that is these soft bans are just temporary issues. All these are just based on Pokemon GO trainers, this Pokemon Go Soft Ban may lose within a seconds to a few minutes. But some of the players recently complain about that soft bans since few of them are as long as a day.

Never think that you are Permanently-Banned just by Getting an Email:

The Pokemon GO users who are getting incorrect information are misleading about soft-bans as well as permanent bans. Actually, Pokemon GO planning to ban few accounts forever because of not following their rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions.

This is because of fraud things such as using false locations and unofficial software and emulators or using Pokemon GO backends software. Actually, the user who is using GPS bot or a spoofer while they are playing is getting banned, but still few of players are getting banned permanently.

Fix Pokemon Go Soft Ban:

Right now Pokemon GO users are getting the headache to understand why they are getting Soft-bans and what went wrong about this issue. Few of Pokemon GO players understanding the Grass Event rolled back for a while. One easy and simple method to solve this problem is to wait for 4-hours and later you can play as you regularly play.

Actually, this is the most irritating as well as possibly worst method to remove this Pokemon Go Soft Ban problem. Another easy method is just to twist or spin a Pokestop 40 times in the order of row. You may think that we are kidding but it will definitely work. Surely you never before heard about this type of solution for Soft Ban.

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