How to Record WhatsApp Video Call iOS On iOS/Android?

WhatsApp Video Call iOS

Are you guys using WhatsApp app on your iPhone/Android? Are you trying to Record your WhatsApp Video Call on your iPhone/Android? Then here you can know How to Record WhatsApp Video Call iOS on your iOS/Android without Jailbreak/Root.

Nowadays every iPhone, as well as Android users, are using Whatsapp app on their iOS/Android smartphone. Most of them don’t know how to Record WhatsApp Video Call iOS on their smartphone. Here you guys can WhatsApp Video Call iOS your WhatsApp Video Call on your iPhone without Jailbreak as well as without Rooting. Initially, this Whatsapp used for chatting with text or Audio but later the advanced features added to the app which can allow you to make the video call.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call iOS Without Jailbreak?

Now you can also record that video calls you made on this WhatsApp on your iOS/Android device. Here you can get an Android app and also the iOS app to Record WhatsApp Video Calls. by using this app you can Record your WhatsApp Video Call iOS freely anytime wherever you want just with the proper internet connection on your mobile.

Generally, most video record Android apps work whenever you make Whatsapp video call at that time your WhatsApp Video Call iOS recorded automatically on your Android/iOS smartphone. Currently, there are so many free video calling apps are available in the market such as Skype, IMO video calling, Google duo etc. Even these apps to use the internet connection to work on your Android/iOS device.

But recently all these apps are not necessary since currently every one using Whatsapp. Hence for making video calls, this Whatsapp is the most popular app. As so many social service apps, as well as Messengers apps, are providing video call feature, this Whatsapp provides better performance for making the video call in the best way.

Features of WhatsApp Video Call iOS:

  • By using this Record WhatsApp Video Call app you can record your recorded video call and watch it whenever you want.
  • You can share the all recorded video calls as well as conversations with your family or friends.
  • This app allows you to record unlimited of videos of memorable events such as Business and works anniversary or festival events anytime.
  • You can make video call recording in any countries and anytime you want by using the internet.

How to Record WhatsApp Video Call on your Android without Rooting?

If you want to start recording of your WhatsApp Video Call just follow the below guidelines.

  • First, go to Google playstore and enter the app name as AZ SCREEN RECORDER.
  • There you can find the app Tap on it to download, now go to file location and click on install button.
  • After finishing the installation process, open the app and select setting button.
  • There you can see the Enable Record audio button.
  • You have to complete all these steps before starting a Whatsapp video call.
  • Now you can make your Whatsapp video call and start recording your conversation.
  • You can stop AZ screen recorder after finishing your conversation or call.
  • Your video call is saved on your Android/iOS device.

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