Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location error [Solved]

Failed to Detect Location

In this article, you can know How to solve Failed to Detect Location issue in Pokemon Go fake GPS on your iOS & Android.

In recent times most of the iOS users are getting doubts and queries about Pokemon Go fake GPS problems such as “Failed to Detect Location” and also “GPS Not Found”. Here you can get the clear idea about this Failed to Detect Location problem in the easy & quick way to fix this problem.

Most of the iOS users are getting this Failed to Detect Location error on their iOS gadgets and also regular smartphones which is very versatile as well as different compared to each other. The main reason for this problem is each manufacturer set and follow their own parameters for their own device on their interests.

More frequently this problem is occurring in Pokemon Go only since it allows Mock Locations. Actually, this option allows you to hide your original location of Pokemon Go players from Apps since those are not allowed. Generally, this option is turned OFF by default on most of the iOS devices but few of them either turned it ON manually.

The reason may be different but finally, your Pokemon go will say that “Failed to Detect Location” because it consists inbuilt detection and identification system to know either this option is turned ON or not. Here you can see the most simple and easy way to fix this “Failed to Detect Location” error also “GPS Not Found” error in Pokemon Go.

The main reason for Failed to Detect Location:

First, you need to close this Pokemon Go app on your iPhone and then ensure that it is not running in the background and also open recent apps and swipe them away. Now open settings on your iOS device and open Developer Options in a search option.

If you are unable to find developer options, then go to About phone or About device option. There you should continuously tap on “Build Number” till your iPhone get enabled developer options. Now open that Developer Options and there scroll down and select “Allow mock locations” option.

Because of this option you are facing Failed to Detect Location error in Pokemon go game. Now Turn OFF this option and navigate to the home screen of your iOS device. Open Pokemon Go game and now you can play without any error such as “Failed to detect location”.

How to solve “Failed to Detect Location”/“GPS Not Found”?

Method 1: Fix “Failed to Detect Location”/“GPS Not Found” error:

In this first method, this error occurs whenever you turn off your location on your iOS device settings. The below steps help you to fix this error.

  • Select your present Location Option from Settings.
  • Now turn it “ON”, if you turned off it.
  • Go to the Location Settings, here select more accuracy by click mode.
  • Launch Pokemon Go app by following all the above steps.
  • Then you can’t see “Failed to Detect Location”/ “GPS not found” Errors in Game anymore.

Method 2: Fix “Failed to Detect Location”/“GPS Not Found” error.

In this another trick you can easily fix this Pokemon Go error “Failed to Detect Location”/“GPS Not Found”.

  • First, go to Developer Settings and Turn off Mock Locations.
  • Restart your Phone after the mock locations are turned OFF.
  • Set up your current Location to High Security to fix this error easily.
  • Launch Game again and you will never get any errors surely.

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