Download Fake GPS APK Android & Install on Android to Change Your Location


Hey, Guys, are you searching for the best app to trick your GPS and show that you’re in a different city? Here you can Download Fake GPS APK Android and Install this free Android app on your Android Smartphone. If you want to activate Fake GPS APK Android tracking you need to choose ‘GPS only’ mode.

Currently, this Fake GPS apk is the best fake location app looking for Android smartphones from all other fake location apps. By using this Fake GPS APK Download app on your Android you can Teleport your Android phone to any place in all over the world just two clicks.

fake gps location apk
Download fake gps location apk

This Fake GPS APK Download allows you to set up Fake GPS APK fake GPS location for your Android smartphone hence all other apps on your gadget believes that currently, you are there. Actually, this Fake GPS APK has Tasker support that can start/stop using the command line.

fake gps pro apk
Download fake gps pro apk

If you are using Rooted devices then you can change locations without enabling “Allow mock locations” option.  It is just Tricking your Android gadget into thinking that it is placed somewhere else. Suppose if you are in London, New York or Rome anywhere over the globe but it’s quite simple and great fun to trick your friends.

What is Fake GPS APK?

Actually, this Fake GPS APK Android is a free app which allows you to hide your current location show the different location. The complete work is explained by its name which exactly it suggests. Whenever you are playing games like Pokemon go you need to change your GPS into the dynamic that should be believable.

fake gps location
How to Use fake gps location

This app Fake GPS Android app allows you to choose any of your desired various city. To change like that on your Android’s developer options, just you need to activate option ‘mock locations’. While you are activating the Fake GPS Android tracking you should select the ‘GPS only’ mode. In this Fake GPS Android app, there is an option that one allows you to change your location between the satellite & normal map views.

fake gps location spoofer
fake gps location spoofer

There is one more option that allows you to add your locations to your favorites by using this you can access the locations quickly which you used most often. Fake GPS Android Free app is really very helpful and amazing app to alter your locations in various cities. Most of the users know about this Fake GPS Android app which can trick your Android’s GPS location.

Download Fake GPS APK Android & Install on Android to Change Your Location:

One more amazing feature of Fake GPS Android is that you can make routes from one point to another point of the map. Hence if you want to go to one or more points on the map just you can mark them and start walking, and while your indicating point can also move automatically.

  • Here you can Download Fake GPS Android and Install for your Android gadget.
Fake GPS Android
Download Fake GPS Android
  • Download APK file using Link given below.

  • This app is different from other regular apps.
fake gps for Laptop
fake gps for Laptop
  • Go to “Settings” and select “Security” then Tap on “Unknown Resources” and Enable it.
fake gps for Laptop
How to Download fake gps for Laptop
  • It’s Time to launch Fake GPS APK Download on your Android.
pokemon go fake gps
pokemon go fake gps
  • Open-File Location then choose downloaded APK File to Install.
fake gps location spoofer
How to use fake gps location spoofer
  • Few Seconds will take to complete Installation process then Click on Done.
  • Finally, you can use Fake GPS APK on your Android, enjoy it.

But remember one thing that after using this Fake GPS APK you can find your location locked to the location last you used even after un-installation of Fake GPS APK. And this is not a bug and your Android device GPS sensor isn’t broken. Here you can fix this issue in two ways.

First, Install “GPS Status” App and get a fresh GPS fix. The second one is Start Fake GPS APK and set your original location.

How Fake GPS APK Android works?

Just if you open it, there you can locate the position which you would like to show on a map and then just Tap on the area. There a tab will ask you what are you really want to reposition yourself virtually to that place.

If you simply Tap on it then your location will shift to the other end of the world, and you can play your desired games by showing your fake GPS location.

  • Enable developer settings on your device.
  • Go to settings, on the phone and click on the Android version.
  • Here enable mock locations in developer options.
  • Now set location that you want.
fake gps location apk
fake gps location apk
  • Finally, open the app and move the red dot wherever you want and click on ‘play button’.
  • Click on the pause button to stop.

In case you are trying to find the best geolocation-based app for better and special advantages, then this Fake GPS Android is the best utility. It allows you to place yourself wherever and anywhere you want on the earth just with a single tap on your screen. Possibly every one can use this Fake GPS Android utility because it works in the easiest way.

Recent Updates:

For more recent iPhone/iPad updates just follow IPAPKXBy using this app you can prank or show your friends that you are somewhere else. It is really potential one as well as it’s a simple idea. Once you download Fake GPS Android and use this app on your Android you will defiantly say thanks to this function. Since by using this you can situate yourself in any of your desired places more precisely and you won’t lost in unknown cities.

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