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vysor for iphone

People who have low vision may suffer while using their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile, here you guys have a great chance to Download Vysor for iPhone magnifying glass which is magnifier app.

By using this Vysor for iPhone magnifier app you can access your iPhone/iPad screen with more clarity by enlarging your screen. If you download Vysor for iPhone then you can access this magnifier app to read text with 4 different magnification levels as well as you can change contrast to 5 variety of viewing modes.

There is a feature that allows you to turn on the LED flash optionally based on your choice. I will really help you to enlarge and focus your device screen even in the low light conditions. If you want to switch the screenshot mode, then just swiping up the yellow plus button.

How Vysor for iPhone works?

Actually, this Vysor for iPhone uses the inbuilt camera of your iOS device such as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. If you want to magnify then you have to keep your camera minimum of 5cm to the object which you want to magnify, otherwise, your camera can’t focus and magnify the object perfectly.

All the latest versions of iOS as well as all the latest iPhone/iPad devices can support all the features, but older iPads can’t support the feature LED camera light. By using this Vysor App you can access your Android gadgets from your desktop directly. If you want to use your favorite apps or want to your favorite games and you can completely control your Android device directly from your PC/Laptop.

Features of Vysor for iPhone:

  • This Vysor provides 3 large buttons with different colors for quick access as well as for easy handling of all functions.
  • It has a magnification range of 2x to 8x magnification.
  • This Vysor supports 5 different color contrast modes such as white on black, black on white, yellow on blue, blue on yellow & full color along with enhanced contrasts.
  • Just with single Tap on the screen, you can get Manual focus.
  • For Autofocus you need to just Tap and hold.
  • You can have a feature with LED camera for more light.
  • This app can support VoiceOver.
  • You need not hold the camera by pointing the subject to zoom the image or enhancing the contrast of the image as well as saving or sharing the image.
  • AirPlay Mirroring provides beams allow you to project the image of visor on your AppleTV television or projector.

Download Vysor for iPhone:

If you download the Mac version to your MacBook, then you can access Vysor from your iOS devices. Later you can connect your iOS device such as iPhone/Ipad with MacBook by using the same Wi-Fi network.

Download Vysor for iPhone

Now you have to open AirPlay on your iOS device to connect your iPhone/iPad with your MacBook. Even there is no any direct download link of vysor for iPhone available at the current moment. But you connect iPhone to MacBook after installing the app on your MacBook.

How to use Vysor for iPhone?

Just you need to Download Vysor for iPhone as well as for your PC and then install them on both PC & iOS device now you have to connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable. Now you can open Vysor for iPhone app on iPhone.iPad as well as on PC and then the app will replicate your smartphone screen.

Now Vysor opens a window of your Android device on your PC with the same user interface and then you can share files such as photos, videos as well as messages. You can also play your favorite games as well as text your favorite people such as your family or friends directly from your PC.

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