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Download TBH Game

Here you can Download TBH Game and install App on your Android Smartphone and by using this app enjoy a lot with your friends’ polling.

Actually, this YAY is also a TBH Game which is a, To Be Honest app that allows you to help to poll your friends. This TBH boosts up your self-confidence and your friends will tell you that they are thinking about you. It is an easy game and it is all about friendship and the positive app ever you see. Here you can know How to download and install this app on your Android Smartphone also know how to use TBH Game easily.

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First, you need to Invite your friends and then add them to your friends. After adding then Answer the polls and then Receive messages as well as notifications finally here you can get “Diamond”. After capturing the polls, share them on your Snapchat app. Nowadays these are the most downloaded apps anonymously. And now this TBH Game (To Be Honest) app is the successful anonymous app. Actually, it allows your friends to communicate anonymously, but it allows you to share compliments.

If you want to know a lot about this app just read below and know how to download & install on your Android. It automatically connects to your address book of Android gadget hence you can search people you know easily. Once it connects then you can get a series of “polls” of your friends. Even if the questions change they are all positive that asks you to select like “world’s best party planner”.

Features of Download TBH Game:

There is another anonymous app is available to Download TBH Game which is in the top of the App Store. This Download TBH Game may figure out anonymous apps’ which means “to be honest” and this app anonymously take an unconventional approach. By using this Download TBH Game you can communicate friends anonymously and it allows you only to exchange compliments which are sent through in-app quizzes.

  • TBH Game can say nice about your friends and compliment them.
  • With funny GIFs a lot of positive love poll questions are available.
  • You can Shuffle your friends unlimited times.
tbh app apk android
How to download tbh on android
  • You can Poll your particular friend on her/his profile.
  • It is Available all around the country.

In case anybody selects you in a polling analysis you can get gems, by using those gems you can unlock many more features within this TBH Game app. There is a time limit to complete a number of polls at a time if you run out of it then you have to wait for a timer.

Download TBH Game and Install on your Android:

The Download TBH Game app is mainly aimed at middle and high school guys which connect to your specific address book so you can easily search and connect people you know. By using this Download TBH Game app you can make the series analysis of “polls” about people you know and your friends. There may different types of questions those may change but all of them have the same positive feeling, that asks you to select the world’s the best party, planner.

  • If you want to Download TBH Game app and Install this APK on your Android gadget, Then Download APK file using Link given below.

  • TBH Game APK is different from all regular Sources.
  • Now Go to “Settings” and select “Security” then Tap on “Unknown Resources” and Enable it.
  • It’s Time to install TBH Game App on your Android.
  • Then open File Location, select downloaded APK File to Install.
  • After few Seconds Installation process will complete and Click on Done.
  • Finally, you will get TBH Game App on your smartphone screen and enjoy.

Recent updates:

You can follow iPAPKx for more updates. By using this Download TBH Game app you can keep all your identities secretly but users and your friends can see only a few of your details about. This app also borrowed few of the addictive dynamics such as free-to-play games, even though it is not allowing any in-app purchases at the current moment.

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