How to Download Geometry Dash APK & Install on Android easily?

Download Geometry Dash APK

Are you interested in the Free Geometry Dash World game? This is providing lots of exciting and amazing features for your Android platform. Here you can Download Geometry Dash APK and Install on your Android smartphones.

Actually, this Download Geometry Dash APK is a rhythm-based game Platform and this game supports more exciting features for your Android system. Here you can know about all its features, details as well as installation process. RobTop Games developed and published this Download Geometry Dash APK game which is a rhythm-based game.

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Initially, this Download Geometry Dash APK game was launched in the year 2013 for Android Platform. The players who want to have this Download Geometry Dash app can download and install on their Android system. After launching this Download Geometry Dash mobile game in the year 2013, this app is well known as a Geometry Dash mobile game for smartphones. And the entire credits went to the developer of this Download Geometry Dash APK.

What is Geometry Dash APK?

Initially, this Geometry Dash game was published by developer personal company name itself. The users/players who are using this Geometry Dash game knew that it is a single player game. In this Geometry Dash game, you can jump and also fly across danger in this rhythm oriented action game on your Android.

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Now you can get ready for the challenge which is completely impossible in the Geometry Dash. You can enjoy this game on your drive and skills to fly, jump and even flip your way over dangers and hazards passages also spiny obstacles. You can play this Download Geometry Dash APK game with the simple operation such as just with one touch for the game plays as well as in turn.

In this Geometry Dash game, you can get many more levels which will entertain you for many hours, which is the major and main key aspect and also feature of Geometry Dash game. Currently, this Geometry Dash game provides total 21 different levels along with more than 30 million of levels online. And the sounds of this Geometry Dash game are amazing rhythmic, very interesting as well as even a sole background.

Features of Download Geometry Dash APK:

Let’s have a look at features of Download Geometry Dash APK which are given below.

  • Geometry Dash provides so many levels along with exclusive and various soundtracks.
  • This Geometry Dash game allows you to share your personal levels as well as build with the level editor.
  • By using this you can have a chance to open new icons and colors to customize the character.
  • By using this Geometry Dash game you can improve and sharpen your skills.
  • Get rewards and also the privilege for so many achievements in levels.
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  • You can play this game just with a single hand on your phone.
  • In this Geometry Dash game, you can practice playing the game to get familiar with the game.
  • This game provides more flexibility to play with rockets as well as flip gravity and many more.
  • Even you can challenge yourself and play the inconvenient levels.
  • By using this game you can enhance your concentration levels.
  • You can unlock latest colors, characters as well as settings and also many more.

What’s New in Download Geometry Dash APK?

Currently Geometry Dash APK Update 2.11 is available, which update can works similar to its “pre-update” Update 2.2.

  • In the latest update, you can have latest icons and effects.
  • There is an option which is new community shop.
  • You can get weekly demon challenge.
  • You can arrange Folders in level sorting.
  • There are so many updates such as new demon chests as well as Level leaderboards.
  • Also provides the number of Bug Fixes as well as tweaks.

In the previous version there few rewards were duplicated due to a bug, but in this update, the bug is fixed and such duplicated rewards removed.

How to Download Geometry Dash APK &Install on your Android?

If you want to Download Geometry Dash APK and install this game you should follow the installation steps along with the downloading process given below. Now you can see the downloading steps & installing steps of Geometry Dash game.

  • First, you need to Download Geometry Dash APK game from the link given below.

Download Link

  • Then proceed to install the Geometry Dash game then you should accept and enable the unknown sources.
  • Now, go to the file location of your Android device and then click to open it.
  • Now Click on Install button, then the installation process will complete.
  • At last, you can go to home screen and there you can see the Geometry Dash game icon.
  • Just Open it and enjoy this amazing & awesome Geometry Dash game on your Android smartphone.

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For more updates just follow iPAPKx. Remember that, this Geometry Dash game is a third-party app, so before installing this app, you have to make some changes to your Android device. You have to choose to Allow Unknown Sources for this just go to Device Settings, there you can select Security Settings and there choose Unknown Sources.

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