Download 25PP Jailbreak & Install without Jailbreaking iOS 10+/*9+/8+/7+

25pp jailbreak

Hey, guys, I am back with, one more fantastic Chinese app store for your iOS device which is 25PP Jailbreak. Do you want to know How to Download 25PP on your iPhone/iPad? Here you can know the 2 simple Ways to Download 25PP Jailbreak & Install without jailbreaking iOS 10+/*9+/8+/7+.

Actually, this 25PP Jailbreak is also known as PP Assistant which is most famous unofficial Chinese app store for iPhone/iPad. But most of the iOS users feel the that the name of this 25PP app sounds some word strange. This 25PP unofficial Chinese app store is most famous one to provide unlimited Ios tweaks for your iOS device with free of cost.

25pp jailbreak
Download 25pp

Initially, this 25PP Jailbreak app didn’t provide non-jailbreak tweak for iOS, because of that most of iOS users are unable to use this 25PP app on their iPhone/iPad. But later developers of this 25PP Jailbreak app store released the launched non Jailbreak feature, then every iOS user is using this tweak to get unlimited free apps.

What is 25PP Jailbreak?

Generally, Jailbreaking iOS device users should add as a Cydia source which can allow you to start the installation of the app from its repository. Now iOS users who still not jailbreak their devices, still there is an easy way to download & Install 25PP Jailbreak.

For iOS users who are still non-jailbreak their devices, those people can have two simple ways to download and install this 25PP app. You can Download and install this 25PP Jailbreak app right there on your iOS device without using any PC. Sometimes it will not work properly for all iOS devices, in that case, you can send it to your phone by connecting it with your to

2 Easy Ways to Download & Install 25PP Jailbreak Without Jailbreak iOS


Note: you should beware of piracy since some think 25PP is only provides paid apps for free. You should know that various people have various uses with this Chinese app store. Basically, Apple restricts few apps as well as games to the US even this 25PP Jailbreak app allows you to access them freely.

By using this 25PP Jailbreak app you can Load or access or download your favorite apps as well as games with more advanced GPU acceleration. This app allows you to the cloud with cloud-based products with the help of Are you a frequent traveler? Those users can really enjoy by Installing 25PP on their iPhone/iPad without using any PC.

How to Install 25PP Jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad without PC?

Follow the below simple steps to Download & Install 25PP Jailbreak for your iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+.

  • First, you have to open your Safari web browser and then navigate to the link given below.

  • There you can see Blue colored Download button as displayed below, just Tap on it to start the downloading.
free 25pp jailbreak
Install 25pp without PC
  • Now wait for some time and it will ask you to install the app or not.
  • Then just Tap on the install button to start the installation process.
free Download 25PP jailbreak
free Download 25PP
  • Now you have the 25PP Jailbreak app on your springboard, but there’s some more process you need to do.
  • Even if you try to run the app you may face an error or problem which informs you the enterprise developer is untrusted.
How to Install 25pp jailbreak
How to Install 25pp
  • If you want to fix this issue just follow the below simple navigation.
  • First, go to Settings app on your iOS device and select General option.
How to Download 25pp jailbreak
How to Download 25pp jailbreak
  • There select Device Management option and there you can see BaoDing BaiDuo Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd, which is the developer profile details.
Download 25pp jailbreak iOS 10
How to Download 25pp iOS 10
  • If you Tap on the profile and trust the developer option.
Download 25pp jailbreak
Download 25pp iOS 10
  • Now go back to the Home screen of your iOS device and launch the app, now it can run smoothly and you can download whatever app or game you want.

How to Install 25PP Jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad with PC?

Now you can know How to Download Install 25PP Jailbreak with the help of PC, just by following the guidelines given below.

  • First, you should open the Google Chrome browser on your PC and navigate to the link given below to download the latest version of 25PP Jailbreak for your Windows PC.

Download Here

  • Basically, Google Chrome browser is the better choice since it can provide automatic page translation.
  • Try to get download the Windows version of 25PP Jailbreak, since the 25PP Mac version may not work correctly.
  • Now start the Installation of App, this app navigation is in Chinese language, just follow the steps carefully to install correctly.
  • You have to hit the install button to start the installation process.
How to install 25pp jailbreak iOS 10
How to install 25pp iOS 10
  • After finishing the installation launch the app.
install 25pp jailbreak iPhone
install 25pp jailbreak iPhone
  • Now connect your iPhone/iPad and program may need to download few more extra files.
Download 25pp jailbreak iPhone
Download 25pp iPhone
  • After completing your iPhone will be detected and now just Tap on the PP Assistant symbol shown below.
  • Here the downloading of the 25PP app starts.
Download 25pp jailbreak iPhone
Download 25pp iPhone/iPad
  • If you finish all these steps correctly, you can see the 25PP Jailbreak icon on the Home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

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If you are running this app first time you need to enter Apple ID. If you’re not interested to provide your Apple ID to the unknown third-party app then you can use burner Apple ID. You can use this 25PP Jailbreak app on any non-jailbreak iOS device such as iPhone/iPod Touch without Jailbreaking iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+. To get the latest & interesting updates for your iPhone just follow IPAPKX.

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