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Adaway No Root

Do you use the web browser on your Smartphone frequently? Are getting irritated by unwanted and unnecessary adds on websites that you visit? Hey, guys, here you have a better solution to avoid those adds by using this Adaway No Root. You need not root your Android device to use this Adaway.

Actually, AdAway utility is used to manage host file entries of your phone and you should root your smartphone to use this app. This Adaway No Root doesn’t block ads directly just it limits and avoids unwanted ads and block the servers which distribute such ads to sites.

Download The Best Samsung Ad Blocker
Download The Best Samsung Ad Blocker

For some Android apps modifying host file entries can also use to block the ads. The original developer of this Adaway is Dominik Schürmann who made the first AdAway to Github in 2011. Under the guidance of the formal developer of Adaway, they evolved this service to a stable Android application.

What is Adaway No Root?

Even if you have root access just think twice before going to do it since most of Android users are not ready to do this. If you root your Android device then it will affect your Android device license. But you can use this Adaway No Root for blocking ads without rooting by using the host’s file.

Th Best ad blocker android root
Th Best ad blocker android root

Since this Adaway No Root is based on hosts file and it can help you to redirect connections effectively to particular ad services. Once you successfully launch this then you can avoid unwanted ads shown on any website, app or game of your phone/tablet.

Download Adaway No Root:

ad blocker android no root
ad blocker android no root

Download Link

Users really trusted this AdAway service with an improved browsing service and awesome experience by reducing ads to Android apps. Currently, AdAway has various developers and number of contributors and also had perfect compatibility upgrades.

What are hosts files?

Actually, this host file is operating system file with a plain-text which can map hostnames to IP addresses. Generally, most of the recent and modern operating systems contain hosts file of some sort. Few of hosts file examples are given below.

  • Windows 10 – System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Mac OS – located in /private/etc/hosts
  • BSD-derivatives & Linux – located in /etc/hosts
  • Android – located in /system/etc/hosts

How Adaway No Root can use hosts files?

First, of all AdAway need to download the host’s source files from a user-provided list which may be one or more source files.

  • Then Adaway No Root merges all the sources into the single file.
  • And now it removes all blank lines, comments, and all non-server entries.
  • Also removes all IP addresses completely.
  • Then sorts all the remaining ad server entries in a order.
  • Even it deletes duplicate entries too.
  • And then attach a new IP address to each ad server either default IP of otherwise user-defined.
  • Now write the separate IP addresses as well as ad servers to a single formatted hosts file.

Once it finished the hosts file written process to /system/etc/ then the Adaway No Rootwork is completed. If you do this correctly then now onwards the Android OS can block the ad servers on your Android device browser. You need not root your Android smartphone further to do all this.

Adaway No Root Trouble-shooting:

Just follow the below simple and quick steps to Troubleshoot if you get any issues after installing Adaway No Root:

  • While you are using Chrome and still getting ads on your web pages, then remember don’t forget to disable the “data saver”/”reduced data usage” option.
  • For any proxy just verify your APN settings since the proxy itself can allow ads hence Disable the proxy.
  • After the installation or if you made any changes to AdAway, then you should reboot to take effect for those changes.

Recent Updates:

You can follow iPAPKx for more updates. If you want to use Adaway No Root with a “systemless” as well as without root you need to download AdAway version 3.2 or latest version.

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